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Get More Social Love for your Songs

Write descriptions that make people want to click to listen to you


Posting a link to your online music is a common publicity strategy… write a rocking description or it’s a waste of time and electrons.


A description is an introduction to your song, like a subject in an email or a headline… until someone clicks and listens, you are silent, you don’t exist for them. Is it easier to start a conversation with someone you have just met if someone else introduces you first? It’s the same for your song… write an awesome description and make a potential fan want to listen to your song.


  • curiosity
  • surprise
  • an intriguing lyric
  • a piece of the story, part of the back story that caused you to write it
  • a question that needs an answer…


they will click to listen and find out more!


This sounds like a no brainer… but it’s surprising how many weak song descriptions I read every day.

Let’s fix it….



Get More Social Love for your Songs


You need to answer at least two of these questions in less than 3 seconds or everyone will ignore you:


  • What is it?
  • What is it about?
  • What will I get out of it?
  • Is it worth my time?


You decide whether or not to click on a link or an image before you consciously think about it. So you need to make it easy for a potential fan to click and discover you!



How many times have you seen posts like these?




Check this out!


Here my new song… (yes, exact quote)


Listen here!


or the worst: no title, only a link of random characters


What is it? Why would anyone click?


I always wonder, if the writer has nothing to say about their song… why would anyone else care?

I’m not being judgmental… I’ve written a few descriptions that were painful, but I noticed a pattern in myself… I rarely click a link without something to set the context or to tell me if it might be worth my while… so I started working on my own song descriptions:


Which of my songs would you click?


Follow Me Down: This is a love song
Follow Me Down: an acoustic song about love that transcends more than one lifetime


Tremble: Song about battling with addiction
Tremble: Guilt riddled addiction



The second of each of these descriptions were several drafts later… where I worked towards the best descriptions for my songs. I wanted a brief sentence to explain what they were about / sounded like. I usually emphasize the story about or the plot of the song because most of my recordings are guitar & vocal arrangements that could be reinterpreted by other artists in different ways. If I was promoting a band recording, I would include more about the sound or style of the song in the description.


If you can give a potential fan something that interests them, something appealing to latch onto…. a piece of the story, a solid lyric, an idea of what it will sound like… they will be ready to hear you and listen more carefully.


Imagine you are being interviewed about this song.


One of the first interview questions will likely be “what is the song about?” While, I agree that the song should be able to speak for itself, a listener should be able to understand it without you explaining it to them… but first they have to listen to it! If I can get someone to check it out, or deepen their understanding of the song… I will call it a win and I will do it every time!


Interviews are about:

  • creating a context… how does this artist or song fit into the world?
  • telling a story… the artist’s or the song’s story
  • finding something for the audience to relate to… what would the audience identify with?


One or more of these will spell it out. Remember they still haven’t heard you music yet… tell them what they can expect and why they should try your music!


Once you have hooked a potential fan into listening with your


  • intriguing title
  • excellent graphic or video
  • awesome description


the rest is up to your song. Obviously you will need the:


  • best lyrics you can write
  • best vocals you can perform or hire
  • best musical performances you can get
  • strongest arrangement you can write, that supports the lyrics and stays interesting throughout the entire song
  • best recording, mix and master that your money can buy….



Read more audience building strategies here:


but first you have to get your potential fan’s attention long enough for them to hear your epic song!


What’s the best song description you have written?

add your comments below (please include a link in the comment so we can check out your song too!)



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