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Most songwriters work intuitively

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Featured Content

How to Write a Song Chorus. learn a repeatable songwriting process in 10 minutes

How to Write a Song Chorus

How to write a song chorus, learn to go from “I don’t know what to write about” to “Check this out!” You don’t have to figure out songwriting on your own…

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Parts of a Popular Song - Writing Song Sections

Parts of a Popular Song

Learn how to write lyrics and music for a chorus, verse, pre-chorus and bridge, and how each part of a song fits together to create a popular song structure!

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Songwriting Foundations

Song is Haiku - How to Fix Your Stuck Songs

Song is Haiku

How to fix stuck songs… your song isn’t a novel or story, it’s haiku. Don’t get stuck by overwriting and trying to say too much in one song. Learn action steps to solve your stuck songs.

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Writing Better Song Rhymes - stop writing boring rhymes that make your songs sound amateur

Writing Better Song Rhymes

Stop writing boring and predictable rhymes… Stop fighting with rhyming and make it work for you so your lyrics sound more interesting and songs sound more professional.

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Recent Articles

Instant Song Myth, Why Instant Song Stories are Dangerous to Songwriters

Instant Song Myth

The Instant Song Myth is a dangerous lie… learn the truth about songwriting so you learn to finish your songs instead of throwing them out.

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Lyric Writing

Songwriting Psychology

Songwriting Productivity

Avoid Lyric Fail

Avoid Lyric Fail

Avoid Lyric Fail… Fix weak lyrics before they happen! Edit properly instead of half writing your songs and calling them “finished”…

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Video Lessons

Wondering: Who is the songwriter, Songwriting tips that actually work

Who is the Songwriter?

If you’re in a songwriting rut or feel blocked, learn to change your songwriting input and change your perspective to explore new songwriting directions…

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Mixing with EQ, Recording songs in your home studio

Mixing with EQ

Stop faking your EQ moves and learn how to set the EQ to improve your song tracks and build solid mixes you can’t wait to share!

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Songwriter Interviews

If you can play songs,

you can learn to write songs…


How to Write a Song Chorus:

Lyrics, Melody and Chords…