Most songwriter work intuitively
so they can't explain it to you...
At EpicSongWriting,
I teach intentional strategies
taking the random out of songwriting
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Daily Songwriting, learn to consistently work on your songwriting

Daily Songwriting

Write songs consistently… no more “I don’t have time” excuses! Know what you’ll write about before you sit down, drop into the writing flow instantly and find the joy in songwriting again!

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Songwriting Foundations

Recent Articles

Songwriting Copyright, how song copyright works explained in plain English

Songwriting Copyright

Songwriting copyright, the principles of copyright for songwriters… learn when and how to register your song copyright and how it protects your songs.

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Lyric Writing

Songwriter's Block is a Myth

Songwriter’s Block is a Myth

Learn to solve the real problems instead of falling for the myth of “Songwriter’s Block”… it’s not a disease you catch or cure… it’s an excuse to avoid solving your songwriting problems.

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Songwriting Patterns - Patterns and Audience Expectations

Songwriting Patterns

Songwriting Video Lesson: three frameworks to evaluate and control patterns in your lyrics, melody, chord progressions, arrangement and production.

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Songwriting Psychology

Solving Songwriter Overload, two guitars held in one hand

Solving Songwriter Overload

Stop suffering from Songwriter Overload… don’t freak out because you can’t do everything… use the “Pizza Rule” to keep your sanity and finish your songs!

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Songwriting Productivity

Video Lessons

Recording Your Song in Your DAW

Recording Your Song in Your DAW

How to home record your song in your DAW without wasting time or wanting to smash your guitar… the Singer-Songwriter’s Ultimate Guide to Home Recording: How to Record Your Song

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Why Do Songs Rhyme? Understanding the reasons for rhyme in popular songs

Why Do Songs Rhyme?

Why songs rhyme, how your audience interacts with the rhymes you choose, rhyme’s effect on your listener’s experience so you take rhyming to the next level.

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Songwriter Interviews

If you can play songs,
you can learn to write songs…

Learn a deliberate songwriting process!
How to Write a Song Chorus:
Lyrics, Melody & Chords...