Most songwriter work intuitively
so they can't explain it to you...
At EpicSongWriting,
I teach intentional strategies
taking the random out of songwriting
so you can write the songs you want to write!

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Daily Songwriting, learn to consistently work on your songwriting

Daily Songwriting

Write songs consistently… no more “I don’t have time” excuses! Know what you’ll write about before you sit down, drop into the writing flow instantly and find the joy in songwriting again!

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How to Write a Song Chorus. learn a repeatable songwriting process in 10 minutes

How to Write a Song Chorus

How to write a song chorus, learn to go from “I don’t know what to write about” to “Check this out!” You don’t have to figure out songwriting on your own…

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Songwriting Foundations

Recent Articles

Songwriting Copyright, how song copyright works explained in plain English

Songwriting Copyright

Songwriting copyright, the principles of copyright for songwriters… learn when and how to register your song copyright and how it protects your songs.

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Lyric Writing

Songwriting Games-have fun and beat songwriter's block with songwriting games

Songwriting Games

Songwriting games… a better way to find the fun and beat songwriter’s block. Don’t smash your guitar or beat your head against your keyboard… play a game!

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Songwriting Psychology

Wondering: Who is the songwriter, Songwriting tips that actually work

Who is the Songwriter?

If you’re in a songwriting rut or feel blocked, learn to change your songwriting input and change your perspective to explore new songwriting directions…

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Songwriting Productivity

Finish More Songs using the "Next Best Song" Hack

Finish More Songs

Finish more of your songs with this simple songwriting hack… learn how to complete what you start instead of starting songs that you never finish!

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Video Lessons

How Do I Write a Song, How Do I Write Songs, Songwriting Process is More Important than songwriting tips

How Do I Write a Song?

How Do I Write a Song? Stop wondering about songwriting and start writing songs. Instead of struggling, learn what you need to do to write songs!

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Songwriter Interviews

15 Million Views a Viral Video How to Guide

15 Million Views

Ever dream of releasing a viral video? Keith Mullins, guitarist, singer and songwriter, got that wish, he explains how he did it and why the video went viral in this interview…

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If you can play songs,
you can learn to write songs…

Learn a deliberate songwriting process!
How to Write a Song Chorus:
Lyrics, Melody & Chords...