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Most songwriter work intuitively
so they can't explain it to you...
At EpicSongWriting,
I teach intentional strategies
taking the random out of songwriting
so you can write the songs you want to write!

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Daily Songwriting, learn to consistently work on your songwriting

Daily Songwriting

Write songs consistently… no more “I don’t have time” excuses! Know what you’ll write about before you sit down, drop into the writing flow instantly and find the joy in songwriting again!

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Songwriting Foundations

Recent Articles

Lyric Writing

Songwriting Psychology

Songwriting Games-have fun and beat songwriter's block with songwriting games

Songwriting Games

Songwriting games… a better way to find the fun and beat songwriter’s block. Don’t smash your guitar or beat your head against your keyboard… play a game!

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Songwriting Productivity

Video Lessons

Need Your Love - Song Breakdown - Song Analysis

Need Your Love

Need Your Love: a love song about your one love… a breakdown and analysis of an original song so you can learn to write better songs…

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Legend in My Mind, Song Breakdown and Analysis

Legend in My Mind

Legend in My Mind explains, but doesn’t excuse, the ridiculous behaviour of some men towards women, especially online… ladies you know who I’m talking about!

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Songwriter Interviews

If you can play songs,
you can learn to write songs…

Learn a deliberate songwriting process!
How to Write a Song Chorus:
Lyrics, Melody & Chords...

Learn a deliberate songwriting process for free...

How to Write a Song Chorus,
the lyrics, melody & chords