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Collaboration Takes You Higher

Music collaboration is more important than you think…


There’s an unspoken myth that you can make music on your own… unfortunately it’s not really true.


Singer-songwriters usually perform alone, home studio producers spend most of their time alone, most songwriters work by themselves.


This myth has become more common because you can start your home studio with a laptop and $400, produce music by yourself and then set up shop on the Internet so the world can hear you.


But you can go higher and farther much faster if you collaborate with other musicians…


Yes, you will have to step outside your comfort zone to do great things!


Don’t ever be afraid to do something you might think is too big!

Carol Coutts


Collaboration Takes Your Higher


Here is a collaboration story that has me thinking bigger:


I called Keith Mullins to thank him for the interview for 15 Million Views (last month on epicsongwriting) and hear his latest plans and exploits.


We talked about his new video Fireflies… if you like it, give Keith a comment or share!


[kad_youtube url=”” maxwidth=800 ]



I love the visuals, Clothesline Media created an outstanding video for Fireflies… I want to see it on a movie screen!


Keith Mullins Rocks Basinview

Keith released the Fireflies video a month ahead of Keith Mullins Rocks Basinview, his November 9th, 2016, concert CD release for:

The Heart of Everything

(read the Press Release)


The release concert is supporting Kids Help Phone, through community awareness, students at the school & children in the community know a safe way to ask for help; and financially through the concert profits.

(learn about


Keith put this together in collaboration with Carol Coutts, the music teacher at Basinview Drive Community School, Bedford, Nova Scotia.

620 elementary students, different songs for each grade, will be singing with Keith and his backing musicians: Colin Grant, Angelo Spinazzola and Rheo Rochon.

Tickets for both shows 6:00, 7:30 are on sale… 475 tickets for each show are expected to sell out.

Buy tickets



I love how Keith plans a CD release party…

  • cast of 600+
  • 2 shows of 475 tickets each, expected sell out
  • regional press and media interest
  • community awareness of Kids Help Line
  • financial contribution to Kids Help Line

FaceBook page, like it to get concert updates


Keith Mullins Rocks Basinview is Keith and Carol’s third co-production… so I called Carol to find out more.


Songwriters go to school

Carol includes contemporary local music in her classes, connecting her students to the music of their community, the local culture. Music made by live people so her students realize that they can do it too! Music doesn’t come from the internet, people make it, including people who live in their city and their province.


She met Keith when he was visiting her school with his drumming workshop. A year later, in a conversation Keith convinced or dared Carol to invite 10 songwriters to come to her school… 9 agreed!


This is where the collaboration magic started: Carol emailed each songwriter to ask permission to use their song in her class. Once they agreed, she asked if they would be interested in performing a concert with her students. She requested singalong track for her students to practice with (recorded by them at a studio or at the school). Carol included the songs in her lesson plans throughout the term. Students learned the song, about the song, and performed in concert with the songwriter. Keith organized and produced the concert.


According to Carol, Keith had to do some convincing, to get Carol to believe that songwriters would be interested in the project… It took an enthusiastic 90% response rate before she was totally convinced the project would take off!


Don’t ever be afraid to do something you might think is too big!

Carol Coutts


Basinview Rocks, 2013: 10 songwriters singing with a school

YouTube Channel 


Basinview Rocks Again in 2015

$8000+ donated to support the Mental Health Department at the regional hospital, the IWK Children’s Hospital.

A few of the many songs:


Purpose with Keith Mullins:

[kad_youtube url=”” maxwidth=800 ]



When it Comes my Turn with David Myles

[kad_youtube url=”” maxwidth=800 ]



Play Play Play with Keith Mullins :

[kad_youtube url=”″ maxwidth=800 ]



Harbour Boys with Joel Plaskett

[kad_youtube url=”” maxwidth=800 ]




Joel Plaskett and Carol Coutts
Joel Plaskett and Carol Coutts, photo provided by Carol Coutts



Contact Carol Coutts:


How They Did It

  • Their key was advance ticket sales. They covered their expenses well before the concert day.
  • Tickets were in high demand, many students ordered 4+ tickets each for parents and grandparents.
  • Sponsor packages ($500) for groups of preferred seats, covered most of the artist fees.
  • Venue, free for them but needed sound & lights
  • Production: sound & lights, $2000. Ground Sound provided gear, set up, ran the show, packed up. Carol told me “I didn’t worry about anything.”

  • Artist Fees: Performing musicians are skilled professionals, all songwriters & backing musicians were paid to perform in the concert. Fees were almost entirely covered by sponsor packages.
  • Publicity, FaceBook and media attention because of the unique story behind Keith & Carol’s collaboration, a whole school singing, and charity fundraising concert


Profits from Basinview Rocks Again:

$8000+ for I.W.K. Mental Health: &



That’s a collaboration story that has me thinking bigger!

Leave a comment, tell me what you’re thinking!

Where could collaboration take you?


PS: If you want to learn how to start working on your music everyday, click below:

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