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Why Nobody Listens

Why Nobody Listens to Your Songs

and How to Change It


You spend time and sweat writing your song.

You edit it and craft it and rework it.

You practice until its memorized and sounds great.

You record it.

You post it.

And…. a couple listens, a few comments, but barely a ripple before it’s buried under layers of “Check out my new track!” and “Listen to my song!”….


You could get a better reaction by singing your song on a street corner…


It’s not about the quality of your music!

Nobody is listening because no one knows who you are… you have to build an audience.




There are three preliminary steps / questions to answer:


2. Who is your target audience?

3. Where do you find your fans?




They want to know “What’s In It For Me?”

Why should they click your link?

You have 3 seconds to show them why… go!


Think about your own browsing habits….

How long do you take to decide whether to click on a post / article / song?


I usually decide to click before I finish reading the headline or I click because of the image.

More than 5 seconds to load and I bounce… don’t want to waste time waiting.


It’s easier to click on something familiar…

if you recognize an artist or a song it’s safe, you won’t be wasting your time.


Most people would rather hear something they already know than listen to something new.

They already like it and won’t have to spend the energy or the time to figure out something new.


So you need to interest newcomers to your music, and create an audience that knows and likes you.



2. Who is Your Target Audience?

You can’t please everyone, don’t even try.

Instead, figure out who your is your target demographic.

Start with your ideal fan, then consider your present listeners and think about your own songwriting and how to match it up with your ideal and present audience.


Who is your ideal audience?

(Write down your answers if you want to get results. Get as specific as possible)


  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Who else do they listen to?
  • Other musical interests?
  • Other life interests?
  • What do they like to do?
  • Where do they like to go?
  • What do they love?
  • What else do you know about them?
  • What else can you learn about them?


Who are your fans?

  • Who is listening to you?
  • How do they find you?
  • How do they hear you / like you / share you?
  • How do they buy you music? How can you make this easier for them?
  • Who else do they listen to?


Does your songwriting align with your audience?

  • Be specific describing your own songwriting:
  • What’s your songwriting niche?
  • What’s your musical style / genre?
  • Who do you sound like?
  • Who do you want to sound like?
  • Do you write about topics your ideal audience is interested in (check your previous answers)?




3. Where do you find your fans?

  • Where do they hang out online?
  • Where do they gather (in person or on the internet)?
  • Where do they hear new music?
  • Who else are they listening to?


Now, go there!

Stop dropping random links to your music, nobody listens to them! Instead:


Engage your Audience

Build it one fan at a time, by showing them who you are as a:

  • songwriter
  • performer
  • person

Be Real! (and keep writing epic songs!)


Add a comment below

Who is your target audience? Where can you connect with them?




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Please comment below:

Who is your target audience? Where can you connect with them?

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