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Songwriting Foundations

Writing the Second Verse, Avoiding Second Verse Curse

Writing the Second Verse

You write a chorus and verse and you’ve got nothing left to say! Stop getting stuck writing your verses… second verse curse will never haunt you again!

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Recent Articles

Writing Better Song Rhymes - stop writing boring rhymes that make your songs sound amateur

Writing Better Song Rhymes

Stop writing boring and predictable rhymes… Stop fighting with rhyming and make it work for you so your lyrics sound more interesting and songs sound more professional.

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Basic Rhyme Schemes - How to Use Rhyme Schemes in your Songwriting

Basic Rhyme Schemes

Getting started with rhyme schemes… learn what rhyme schemes are in songs, why rhyme schemes are used and how to use rhyme schemes in your own songs.

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Lyric Writing

How to Fix a Bad Song Instead of Throwing It Out

How to Fix a Bad Song

If you’ve ever written a song and been disappointed with how it turned out… learn how to fix a bad song and improve it instead of trashing it!

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Why Songwriting Tips Don't Work - And What Does Help Your Songwriting

Why Songwriting Tips Don’t Work!

We all love songwriting tips… but most songwriting tips don’t work. Instead of wasting more time watching more songwriting tips videos, learn why songwriting tips rarely work and what you can do to actually learn how to write songs!

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Songwriting Psychology

Instant Song Myth, Why Instant Song Stories are Dangerous to Songwriters

Instant Song Myth

The Instant Song Myth is a dangerous lie… learn the truth about songwriting so you learn to finish your songs instead of throwing them out.

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Songwriter's Block is a Myth

Songwriter’s Block is a Myth

Learn to solve the real problems instead of falling for the myth of “Songwriter’s Block”… it’s not a disease you catch or cure… it’s an excuse to avoid solving your songwriting problems.

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Songwriting Productivity

Video Lessons

The Fastest Way to Memorize a Song

The Fastest Way to Memorize Songs

The Fastest Way to Learn Songs… how to learn and memorize songs so you can perform them or transcribe and analyze songs. I explain the entire process and then transcribe “Dig That Hole” by Ian Sherwood live on video

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Need Your Love - Song Breakdown - Song Analysis

Need Your Love

Need Your Love: a love song about your one love… a breakdown and analysis of an original song so you can learn to write better songs…

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Songwriter Interviews

If you can play songs,

you can learn to write songs…


How to Write a Song Chorus:

Lyrics, Melody and Chords…