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13 Songwriting Creativity Blocks

Solving 13 common songwriting creativity blocks... it's not you, it's how you're thinking about songwriting and making it harder for yourself!
13 Songwriting Creativity Blocks and how to Solve Them

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13 Songwriting Creative Blocks… and How to Solve Them

You’re out of fresh ideas… everything feels like the same song you’ve already written.

Your creativity feels broken and you can’t find anything new to say.

Writing is becoming a struggle and you’re starting to wonder if you’ve lost your edge.

What if you could get your creativity flowing instead of fighting with it?

Here are 13 Songwriting Creativity Blocks, and how to solve them….

Below the video lesson is a written summary of 13 ways to block your songwriting creativity and how to avoid them, and links to other songwriting resources to release your songwriting creativity and help you finish your songs!

13 Songwriting Creativity Blocks…

Video Transcript Begins

There are many ways you can block yourself up and limit your songwriting creativity. In this video you’ll learn about 13 of the most common ways songwriter’s trip themselves up and make songwriting harder, and you’ll learn how to avoid doing them to yourself.

Hi I’m Trevor Dimoff and I transform musicians into songwriters at epicsongwriting dot com. Watch the video all the way through, then click on the description link for a written summary to help you put these ideas into practice, and for more songwriting resources to boost your songwriting creativity.

Let’s go:

Songwriting Creativity Block #1: Trying to Write a Hit Song

Trying to Write a Hit – just write a song you like. Don’t focus on the end results, focus on getting the song finished as best you can.

Songwriting Creativity Block #2: Writing The Perfect Song

Trying to be Perfect or to Write the Perfect Song – there is no perfect song, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Write the best song you can right now.

Your song isn't stuck you're looking at it wrong, border collie upside down on a couch, songwriting meme

Songwriting Creativity Block #3: Writing the Final Draft First

Final Draft First – don’t try to write from the first to the last line sequentially, write then edit, draft and redraft. Don’t expect to finish a song in a single session. Write a draft and improve it. Some songs take longer and that’s okay!

Songwriting Creativity Block #4: Fear of Embarrassment

Afraid of embarrassment, being wrong, being mocked… focus on writing the song, not on the end result.

Picture of rubble...The last thing I remember is someone asking "What's the worst thing that could happen?"

Songwriting Creativity Block #5: Fear of Being Ignored

Worse than being embarrassed, is being ignored: you’re afraid you’re wasting your time. You won’t be noticed, nobody knows who you are, nobody listens to your songs – focus on your songwriting process, the act of writing, of finishing a song and then improving it. Don’t focus on the end result.

Songwriting Creativity Block #6: Following the “Rules”

Following the rules – songwriting rules are based on what previous songwriting thought sounded good, go with your ears. Understanding songwriting best practices and music theory is important, but don’t avoid a good idea because it doesn’t follow a songwriting “rule”, they’re best practices, follow your ears. Learn about rules and best practices, then learn when to break them

Border collie staring "Explain that again, totally sounded like lies the first time"

Songwriting Creativity Block #7: Not Trusting Yourself

Not trusting yourself – Trust your own musical judgement, especially while you’re writing. You can change your mind and change your song at any time.

Songwriting Creativity Block #8: Believing Your Songs Aren’t Good Enough

Believing your songs aren’t good enough – this is a self limiting belief, if songs are weak get help, get training, get detailed feedback and improve your songs. It’s not what you think, it’s about what your audience thinks of your songs.

Songwriting Creativity Block #9: “Believing in Yourself” Instead of Working For It

“Believing in yourself” instead of doing the work. If you can’t back it up, beliefs are just talking. Stop talking about songwriting and write… take action and do the work to write songs you’re proud of.

Take responsibility for your music, it doesn't happen by accident, songwriting meme, songwriting advice that makes sense

Songwriting Creativity Block #10: Knowing It All

Knowing it all… being too stubborn to listen to feedback or advice. Instead, be humble and listen. Learn all you can about songwriting. Learn music theory and get lessons from a solid music teacher on your instrument, vocals and songwriting. Get feedback on your songs and listen to it, incorporate the ideas that make sense into your songs.

Songwriting Creativity Block #11: Not Finishing Your Songs

Not finishing songs, giving up before they’re done. You don’t have to release every song, but finish them to the best of your abilities.

Frozen crab apples Finish your songs even if they aren't 'good enough"

Songwriting Creativity Block #12: Not Releasing Your Songs

Not releasing your songs, you can go to the other extreme and not release anything. You can post your song drafts on Instagram. You don’t have to fully produce everything. Put your ideas out in the world and see what happens.

Forest Scene, "If your songs never leave your music cave are they really music?"

Songwriting Creativity Block #13: Expecting Instant Results

Expecting instant results – songwriting takes time. Don’t expect an instant song. Songwriting takes time. Don’t expect instant success, songwriting success takes many songs. You’ll write songs that aren’t good enough to release, every decent songwriter has. Success takes time, no matter how you measure success.

Songwriting is a journey, have patience and enjoy it.

Songwriting is play… play until the song is finished

I’m Trevor Dimoff, I transform musicians into songwriters at epicsongwriting dot com. Thanks for watching all the way through. Click the description link for a written summary and more songwriting resources to unleash your creativity. After that, go write something creative….

End Video Transcript

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