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How to Keep Your New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution Time Again

Everybody makes them, almost everybody breaks them…

Does it have to be this way?

Of course not… here’s how it goes wrong!

(You don’t have to wait for the start of a new year either, this works any time!)


Resolution Cycle:

Everyone has some version or story of the resolution cycle

  • Shiny Idea – you have a great idea that will change your world
  • You try it once and get excited
  • 1 week later, tried it 4 times
  • 2 weeks later, mostly didn’t do it
  • 3 weeks later, feel guilty but you tell yourself “My New Year Resolutions don’t ever work”
  • 1 year later… try again


The Problem with Resolutions

There are usually several problems and can include:

Vague goal – I will lose weight, I will exercise more, I will write more songs, I will write better songs, I will be happy

Wrong goal – sounds good but not what you really want: I will be famous, Everybody loves my songs, Everybody loves me

Too High Goal – great idea, but first you need to create multiple intermediate goals to get there!



But the big problem is “Change”

You don’t really want to change… you say you do, you know should, yet you makes excuses not to change.

You do the same things today that you did yesterday that you will do tomorrow.


Inertia keeps you doing what you are doing … Resistance keeps you from changing yourself!



You can change yourself, you can keep your New Year Resolutions

But you need a way to do it… here’s how:



How to Keep New Year Resolutions



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The Solution for New Year Resolutions:

  1. Goal

  2. Plan

  3. Do the work – consistent practice



  • Choose wisely, choose a goal that will make you happy
  • Be specific, if you can imagine accomplishing it you will find a way
  • Many failed goals are vague, don’t include a measurable result or are too ambitious without intermediate goals to support them.


Pick Goals

Sit down with a blank page or two and start writing things you want to do….

Review them, modify them best ideas, put some on your New Year Resolution short list, some on your bucket list, save the rest for later!


There are two main types of goals

Product Goal: an achievement or a final result

Process Goal: an action that you will need to repeat in order to achieve a product goal


Pick Your Product Goal(s)

  • Trying to change to many things at once usually results in failing all goals.
  • Limit yourself to a maximum of one personal and one professional/musical goal to start.
  • Once you have established steady progress them you can consider adding an additional goal (one new goal at a time).



Answer questions like these to pick your process goal(s)

  • How will you accomplish your goal?
  • What actions are necessary?
  • What do you have to start doing?
  • What have I not been doing, that needs to get done?


Then do it, choose a regular daily minimum and work consistently.

After 3-4 weeks your new habits become automatic and self sustaining.

Most research says it takes 21-30 times to make a permanent difference in your behaviour.



A few years ago I decided to play my saxophone every day for a month… lasted 14 months, missed 2 days.

My rule was play a saxophone/clarinet/flute 5+ minutes everyday. I averaged 15-20 minutes a day.


One year I picked: songwriting 5 days a week, 20 minutes/day minimum. Add 30 minutes to next day if I skip a day. Can’t skip 2 days in a row.


Start with an easy amount and repeat… adjusting your rules for improvement.



Do the Work

  • Regular Practice, consistent effort creates momentum
  • Be Thoughtful, reflect on your songwriting practice (and on life choices),
  • Pay attention to what works, what doesn’t and be ready to change and improve your practice



Click below to learn how to write songs (or do anything you choose) everyday:




Get Help

Connect with people who are already doing what you want to do

Get an accountability partner… regularly updating a musical friend with your progress will light a fire under you.


Click here to email me for help



There’s no magic bullet, no secret pill… you have to choose wisely, plan for success and do the work.



Please leave a comment below:

How have you helped yourself keep resolutions?


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