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How to Finish Your Songs - Understanding the Songwriting Process through the Emotional Stages of Change

How to Finish Your Songs

How to finish your songs… why you lose interest and momentum with your songs and how to fix it. Understanding the emotional stages of songwriting, through the “Emotional Stages of Change”

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Why Do Songs Rhyme? Understanding the reasons for rhyme in popular songs

Why Do Songs Rhyme?

Why songs rhyme, how your audience interacts with the rhymes you choose, rhyme’s effect on your listener’s experience so you take rhyming to the next level.

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Basic Rhyme Schemes - How to Use Rhyme Schemes in your Songwriting

Basic Rhyme Schemes

Getting started with rhyme schemes… learn what rhyme schemes are in songs, why rhyme schemes are used and how to use rhyme schemes in your own songs.

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Is My Song Any Good? How to Test Your Songs so You Know They are the Best you can write

Is My Song Any Good?

Is My Song Any Good? How to know if your song is ready or if it needs more editing… learn how to test your songs so you confidently release the best songs you can write!

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