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Why Songwriting Tips Don't Work - And What Does Help Your Songwriting

Why Songwriting Tips Don’t Work!

We all love songwriting tips… but most songwriting tips don’t work. Instead of wasting more time watching more songwriting tips videos, learn why songwriting tips rarely work and what you can do to actually learn how to write songs!

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Need Your Love - Song Breakdown - Song Analysis

Need Your Love

Need Your Love: a love song about your one love… a breakdown and analysis of an original song so you can learn to write better songs…

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Emoji GIrl- original song breakdown

Emoji Girl

Emoji Girl, a song about creating a relationship with someone distracted by social media, includes lyrics & analysis to help you write better songs…

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Exotic Bean - original song breakdown

Exotic Bean

Exotic Bean, an original song with complete lyrics and analysis to help you write better songs… how I suffered from coffee withdrawal while travelling….

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