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3 Bad Songwriting Habits

3 Bad Songwriting Habits:

and how you break them


I’ve had and dealt with all three of these bad habits…

they apply to songwriting, music and life:

1 solved

2 rocking it

3 huge gains made and still working at it…


For each bad habit there are possible solutions, action steps and articles for further reading.

If you think of other bad habits or ways you’ve solved your bad songwriting habits, please leave a comment at the end of the article.



songwriting bad habits, quit your bad songwriting habits
Smooth out the bumps in your songwriting process


1. Waiting for Inspiration

You aren’t really waiting to be inspired… that’s an excuse to avoid songwriting….


The best way to write a song is…to write it, not wait for it!


Spoiler Alert: for every story about the songwriter who wrote a hit instantly…

they also wrote a dozen other songs the old fashioned way…

one word at a time!



Click below for a free copy of Daily Songwriting and learn how to turn on your songwriting every day.





2. Say you can’t

Talking about or thinking about how you can’t do something results in: not doing it.


Using a negative world view is a toxic combination of procrastination and self fulfilling prophecy… you get what you are asking for….



  • Decide what you really want
  • Decide what you are honestly willing to do
  • Decide what you really, really want
  • Commit to working towards your goals
  • (or choose better goals)


Action Tips:

Imagine yourself “doing” instead of “not doing”

Catch yourself when you say “no” or “can’t”

Ask yourself why you can’t, why you are afraid of it

When you are avoiding something you know you should be doing, figure why you are blocking yourself….


For more ideas about breaking your own mental blocks (replace the phrase “living life” for “songwriting”)



3. Hiding

If you play your song in your basement, does anyone hear it?


If you build it, they will still have to find you….

If you write it / play it / record it they will still have to find you.



Go outside, get out of your music studio

Go hear live music, talk to other people, musicians, songwriters… make friends and have a happy life!


Publish it, the Publicize it

Finish the song, finish recording it, finish mixing it….

Put your music out there… they can’t love you until they’ve heard it



How to get more attention for your songs on social media




Solving your songwriting problems by adjusting your songwriting process


Songwriting Cycle: write, edit, test, level up, publish & publicize,



Self Blocks:

Sometimes I’m slow to write or produce my songs… takes twice to ten times as long as it could…

Sometimes I avoid finishing the song or mix because I don’t think it will be good enough…


Sometimes I skip my self blocks and set a fire: I’m proud of this one… “Who is Premier McNeil?” from first idea to finished mix in a week… I gave myself a sudden deadline and nailed it!



How to Finish More Songs

Finish More Songs-Songwriting Hack,



How to write more often




What bad songwriting habits have you fought?

How did you break them?


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