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You can learn to write songs deliberately...
no more random effort with random results!

Songwriting was supposed to be easy!

But that’s not how it feels when you’re stuck staring at another broken song that sounds nothing like you imagined it would.

I get it, I used to feel that way too, before I realized that songwriting inspiration is only part of the equation!

Relying only on your musical intuition, like they tell you, is hit or miss. You can’t really control it.

Thinking and working deliberately is how you actually finish songs. 

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That's why I teach and practice:
Deliberate Songwriting!

  • Write on purpose, with a purpose… so you don’t have to fake your way through songwriting.

  • Create songwriting ideas whenever you want them, instead of waiting around for inspiration to find you.

  • Consciously plan and confidently write your songs, and stop trying random ideas that never work out.

  • Confidently know what to work on next until you finish a solid song and stop guessing your way to another broken song!

  • Start writing the awesome songs you hear in your head, instead of continuing to write lame, crappy, embarrassing songs even your mom hates.

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It's easier to learn from someone who already knows how to do it,
than to figure it out on your own!
I know because I've been a professional music teacher for over 25 years...

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Song Starter Kit

The Song Starter Kit gives you the tools and strategies to start new songs and focus your creativity so you’ll never stare at a blank page or struggle with songwriter’s block again.

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Frustration Free Lyric Writing

Learn to write solid lyrics for your songs... no more struggle to create captivating stories or writing crappy lyrics that even your Mom hates!

Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart

Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart

Learn a deliberate and repeatable songwriting process to get you from "What should I write about?" to "Check out my latest song!"

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