Frustration Free Lyric Writing:
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Frustration Free Lyric Writing

Tired of Fighting with Lyric Writing?

You’ve played songs for years, but when you try to write your own songs you feel like a complete beginner again!

You spent years learning to play, so it’s not really surprising that writing lyrics is harder than you expected.

Songwriting was supposed to be easy!

You’ve played songs for years, but when you try to write your own songs you feel like a complete beginner again!

Songwriting was supposed to be easy!


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I Know the Pain, I Was There Too...

Lyric writing used to be my Kryponite… 

After I finished my Masters of Music Composition degree, I could write a 15 minute suite for a small orchestra, but I couldn’t write a 3 minute pop song that wasn’t embarrassing to play for others!

I didn’t have a songwriting process so I made the same mistake everyone makes:

I’d get a great song idea, grab my guitar and notebook and start scribbling madly.

The ideas flowed as I wrote the first line, then the second, then the third, then…

I’d start to slow down, hesitating as lyrics collided in my head.

Until the inspiration evaporated and I was left with another broken song nobody would ever hear…

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What you'll learn in
Frustration Free Lyric Writing!

  • Focus on your Big Idea and telling the story you want to write in your song
  • Capture Your Listeners, Create a world that draws them in and keeps them there
  • Patterns & Audience Expectations
  • Lyric Writing – Meaning
    • Emotions
    • Figurative Language
    • Sensations
  • Lyric Writing – Technique 
    • Lyric Rhythms
    • Synonyms & Word Families
    • Word Play – Sounds
  • Rhymes, types of rhyme in songwriting and when to use each type 
  • Rhyme Schemes, how to structure the lyrics in your song sections
  • Song Sections, writing lyrics for each type of song section
  • Solutions for Common Lyric Problems, because if you can’t fix the problems you won’t finish the song!

It's Your Choice...

You can keep struggling with bits and pieces
stringing songwriting tips together,
or you can learn a songwriting process
that gets you from your first ideas to
finished song lyrics.

There’s an old songwriter’s expression:

“You have to write 100 bad songs before you can write a great song”

But that’s no longer true, because you don’t have to figure out songwriting on your own anymore.


Remember, you don’t have to:

  • Figure out songwriting all by yourself.
  • Watch endless hours of YouTube videos
  • Read a dozen songwriting books
  • Spend months writing dozens of terrible songs before you write something you don’t hate…

Because you can invest in your songwriting with…

Frustration Free Lyric Writing!

Frustration Free Lyric Writing