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Songwriting Technology



Improve Your Songwriting Workflow

Improve Your Songwriting Workflow I want to capture my musical ideas, record and edit and finish songs… what should I do?   I’m always figuring out better ways to write songs… I checked into research about handwriting vs typing but …

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Which is Better for Songwriting: Handwriting or Typing?

Which is Better for Songwriting: Handwriting or Typing? Every songwriter is looking for the fastest songwriting solution… How to write more songs? How to write better and more creative songs? How to write faster and more easily? How to finish …

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Memorize Songs

The Fastest Way to Memorize a Song Have you ever had trouble learning songs? Or had difficulty remembering all the lyrics, especially when you’re on stage? As a performer who’s forgotten lyrics in front of an audience, including lyrics that …

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Professionally Recording Your Songs

Professionally Recording Your Songs Songwriter Interview with Ian Sherwood   If you are thinking of going all in on a professionally recorded CD or EP, or trying to get the best results from your home studio, you can learn from …

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Tuning Your Songwriting Tools

Tuning Your Songwriting Tools Tune your gear, tune your ear and tune into yourself!   I just got my favourite guitar back from the shop – new frets, new strings, strut rod adjusted, oiled, polished… and it sounds better than …

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