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Your singing ability limits your songwriting! Use singing games to build you singing flexibility and control so you write better songs....
Singing Games for Songwriters

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Don’t let your singing ability limit your songwriting… I was struggling to write and record decent songs until I took singing lessons to improve my vocal tone and control!

Improve your vocals with these singing games…

3 Vocal Warm Ups for Songwriters

Is your voice limiting your songwriting? Here are three quick warmup exercises to get your voice working the way you want it to.

Stop limiting your songwriting with your own voice with a 3 Minute Vocal Warm Up Routine. Vocal warm ups don’t need to take long and they don’t need to be boring. 

Here are three ways to quickly loosen up your singing so you hit the notes you want with easy accuracy instead of closing your eyes and hoping to hit them!

Find Your Vocal Resonance

In this video, you’ll learn how to explore the natural resonance of your singing voice so you sound stronger using less effort. You can write more interesting and compelling melodies for your song if you have better control of your singing voice. When you sing your songs, whether live or recording, you’ll deliver a better emotional experience for your audience.

Note: When I shot this video I did a soundcheck with full voice singing and set the level to -10dB. After demonstrating these exercises, I sang a song example with an easy but huge voice and I clipped it. Yes, I sang 10 dBs louder with less effort.

As you sing, try to imagine where the vowel is resonating the most.

Try to move that resonance around

  • Throat
  • Back of your mouth
  • Front of your mouth
  • Into your nose

It helps to point to where you think it’s resonating.

Get used to how each vowel feels, it’s a little different for each vowel.

3 Singing Games to Help You Sing In Tune

Use these quick singing games to improve your connection between your voice, mind and instrument. You’ll find the music in your head and get it out faster when you’re writing your songs!

More Songwriting Games

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