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When Are You a Songwriter?

When are you a songwriter? What do you have to do to consider yourself a songwriter... is it just songwriting or are there other things you need to do?
When are You a Songwriter?

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When do you get to call yourself a songwriter?

It feels like you have to get permission from somewhere or somebody…

Is there a secret handshake?

What do you have to do to be allowed to call yourself a songwriter?

Do you introduce yourself as a songwriter?

Hi, I’m a songwriter!

I was uncomfortable calling myself a songwriter, almost embarrassed about it….

Is it how you make your $

What do you do most of the day, your job? So, can you call yourself a songwriter?

It takes several successful songs for a sustainable living… so that’s not always the best way to tell. And what’s the difference between a professional songwriter and an amateur songwriter?

It takes more than one song for a solid songwriting career, field of dandelions blowing seeds

When they hear your songs?

Are you automatically a songwriter when they hear you song?

If your song never leaves your music cave is it music?

Is it your story?

My story is…

I’m a musician, but I make my living as a music teacher.

Sing my music but I learned most of my music by playing on saxophone…

Wrote and played heavy jazz, loud fast blues jazz… awesome fun, but a hard act to book and make $

Had a singing teacher, but she fired me. Well, it was more of a “I’m not sure what to teach you” phone call….

Studied saxophone, now I usually play self taught guitar.

I have a Master’s Degree in music composition, but now I write popular songs!

Still, I wasn’t sure if I could call myself a songwriter…

Write like you mean it, piano keyboard

Is it how you introduce yourself?

Mine is: Hi, I’m Trevor! I write songs like Chris Cornell and Dave Matthews if they were happy!

Read how to craft your songwriting introduction.

When did I become a songwriter?

About 10 years ago I made a decision to write pop songs with lyrics (I’d only written instrumentals before then) and learn how to sing them. I stopped thinking about the question and did something…

I wrote a song

Then I wrote another song….

Then I was a songwriter…

I had to get writing before I could believe in myself!

Love your song, let me turn it up, grey cat sleeping with face on a remote control

Are You a Songwriter: Summary

Being a songwriter means you write songs… whether it’s your main form of income or not, your professional status is about your attitude. You can act like a professional even if songwriting isn’t your main source of income.

If you:

  • Show up and do the work
  • Start and finish songs that touch people’s emotions
  • Do what you say and say what you mean
  • Act like you’re a professional

Then you’re a songwriter, regardless of where the money comes from!

Give yourself permission to call yourself a songwriter, and act like you’re a professional songwriter!

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When did you know you were a songwriter?

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Trevor Dimoff

Trevor Dimoff

Trevor Dimoff has taught, played and written music professionally for the last 25+ years.
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