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Songwriting Patterns

Audiences expect to hear patterns in popular songs, so they can understand and interact with the song. As a songwriter, if you are aware of your audience’s expectations you can use these expectations to hook you listeners and take them …

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The Most Popular EpicSongWriting Articles: 2018

Songwriting lessons to improve your songwriting that I learned from analyzing why these were the 7 most popular epicsongwriting articles of 2018 7. Create Your Own Songwriting Routine Create your customized songwriting practice routine to focus your efforts and maximize …

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Brainstorming How to Create More Songwriting Ideas Than You Need   Brainstorming will help you create more songwriting ideas than you need. If you’ve ever felt stuck coming up with song lyric ideas, songwriting titles or songwriting ideas watch the …

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Memorize Songs

The Fastest Way to Memorize a Song Have you ever had trouble learning songs? Or had difficulty remembering all the lyrics, especially when you’re on stage? As a performer who’s forgotten lyrics in front of an audience, including lyrics that …

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