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Story Telling



Using Songwriting Criticism Constructively

Using Songwriting Criticism Constructively And Dealing with Negativity   Ever get a negative comment that sticks with you? Even with ten positive reactions, you don’t remember any of them because that one negative comment is more powerful. It burns you …

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Songwriting Sprint

Songwriting Interview: Ian Sherwood Songwriting Sprints, writing songs for your album in record time….   While I was talking with Ian Sherwood about, his latest album, Bring the Light, how he recorded it and how it’s doing since its release, he said …

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Songwriter Interview: Mark Lorenz

Songwriting Interview: Mark Lorenz   Mark Lorenz is a songwriter based in Airdrie, Alberta, just north of Calgary. He started singing on a dare and turned it into a songwriting and performing career, touring and writing across North America. Mark …

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How to Finish Your Songs

How to Finish Your Songs   Why you don’t finish songs and how to finish them   Does any of this sound familiar? You strike inspiration with a brilliant song idea! You’re excited by this awesome soon to be song …

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Songwriter Interview Shirley Jackson

Songwriter Interview: Shirley Jackson   Shirley Jackson is a songwriter, vocalist, tenor saxophonist and guitarist, based in Halifax Nova Scotia. She leads Shirley Jackson and Her Good Rockin’ Daddys and Shirley Jackson and the SideCats, playing and writing a combination …

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