If you can play songs,
you can learn to write songs…

How to Write a Song Chorus:
Lyrics, Melody & Chords...

If you play cover songs, you can learn to write songs…

You’ve felt the songwriting dream…

Creating stories in your unique voice, your audience singing your song with you…

Songwriting should be fun and easy! 

You’ve been playing songs for years, but you try writing your own songs and you end up frustrated with lame lyrics that don’t fit your music.

It’s not your fault you haven’t figured out songwriting on your own…

  • Songwriting tips only give you bits and pieces, not a complete process!
  • You’re feeling your way through your songwriting, uncertain of what you’re doing.
  • Figuring out songwriting takes way longer than you expected and life keeps getting in the way….
  • It sounds like you’re getting somewhere, until you play it the next day and want to tear it up….

Your problem isn’t songwriting, it’s finding the right teacher to guide you!

I know the struggle, I’ve been there… 

That’s why I’m sharing this songwriting process, so you don’t have to figure out songwriting on your own. 

This is the songwriting process I use myself and I’ve taught it to other musicians just like you… 

To get you started, I’ll teach you how to write a song chorus:

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How to Write a Song Chorus

You’ll learn how to:

  • Come up with more songwriting ideas than you need for a song
  • Choose the best ideas for your song chorus
  • Write the lyrics
  • Set the lyrics to a melody you can sing
  • Create the chord progression, and 
  • Write the instrumental part so you can play it

You get access to a:

  • Tutorial video, 
  • PDF download, including notes from the video done for you and songwriting worksheets to help you focus your ideas, and
  • Email follow up to keep you motivated and help you follow through with your songwriting!

20 minutes from now...

You can start writing your own song chorus, confidently working with a simple and repeatable songwriting process…

Or you can do nothing and bounce to another webpage…
A year from now you’ll still be stuck in your songwriting.
Or worse, you might quit trying and give up on your songwriting dream!

If you can play songs,
you can learn to write songs…

How to Write a Song Chorus:
Lyrics, Melody & Chords...

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