Transforming Musicians into Songwriters

Deliberate Songwriting:
Write your songs on purpose
instead of faking your songwriting!

Learn a deliberate songwriting process
for free with:
How to Write a Song Chorus:
explained in <10 mintues!

If you play cover songs, you can learn to write songs…

Start writing the awesome songs you hear in your head,
instead of writing lame, crappy, embarrassing songs even your mom hates.

Listen, I know your songwriting feels broken, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own anymore,

Because if you can play songs, you can learn to write songs.

I know you’ve felt the songwriting dream,

You hear the songs in you, but you can’t get them out!

You’ve got stories, ideas, a message to share, but you can’t write the songs yet.

Even though you’ve been playing songs for years, you feel like a frustrated beginner when you try to write your own songs.

Songwriting was supposed to be fun, instant and easy,
but it’s actually frustrating, slow and confusing!

Want to know a secret

There’s a better way, it’s called:
Deliberate Songwriting!

Learn to:

  • Write on purpose, with a purpose… instead of faking your way through songwriting.
  • Create songwriting ideas whenever you want them, instead of waiting for a bolt of inspiration to strike.
  • Consciously plan and confidently write your songs, instead of randomly trying things that never work out!


Stop hoping your musical inspiration lasts until you finish writing the song,

so you don’t throw out yet another broken song when you get stuck (again)!

Smash Songwriter Blocks

Stop feeling like you’re faking songwriting

Finish songs you’re proud to share...

Stop faking your songwriting-dandelion photo

Does this sound familiar?

You hear a great idea for a song, so you rush to your guitar and grab your notebook before you forget it.

You start scribbling as fast as you can,

The lyrics flow, melody ideas bubble up and the notes come out of your guitar on their own.

But then you start t0 slow down and hesitate,

You can’t feel the next note, the lyrics jam up in your head and stop coming out.

The inspiration fades, evaporating faster than last night’s dream, and…

You’re stuck.


You’re sitting there alone, with another broken song you’ll never finish….

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It’s not your fault…

Most songwriters create intuitively.

So they don’t consciously understand how they make songwriting decisions.

They can’t explain songwriting in a way that makes sense.

Instead they post blogs and videos with the same 7 songwriting tips that never work when you try them.

They tell stories of how they wrote a hit song in under an hour,

And you can’t do it… because they don’t actually explain how! 

(spoiler alert… they can write songs but they don’t know HOW they do it!)

So you’re left wondering if you even have enough songwriting talent to write a 3 minute pop song.

It’s not really about talent, or hard work, or even grit.

It’s really about building a songwriting process, a way to turn your ideas into a finished song. A song that touches people and makes them want to sing along with you. A song you’re proud to share with the world.

It’s called: Deliberate Songwriting!

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Deliberate Songwriting

Do you want to?

  • Come up with more titles and lyric ideas than you need, instead of waiting and hoping.
  • Stop faking songwriting, so you always know what to write next.
  • Consciously understand why and how you make songwriting decisions, so you’re sure to make the best decisions for your songs.
  • Avoid all those songwriting blocks that used to stop you every time
  • Song problem solving, find and fix weak spots in your songs so you don’t toss them out…

“I learned and developed more as a songwriter in 6 weeks when I took the Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart online course, than I did in a year of music college.

My transformation was amazing…  just sign up!”

Bree D: Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart Student

Here on EpicSongWriting.com you can choose your path, with:

1. Free Articles with specific songwriting advice that actually works, no more useless “songwriting tips”!

2. Online Songwriting Courses - invest in your songwriting journey and climb the learning curve faster with self-paced online courses.

3. Private Songwriting Lessons - fast track your songwriting journey with one on one learning, customized to your personal songwriting goals.

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Don’t just take my word for it!

Try it yourself… get a free sample of Deliberate Songwriting with 

How to Write a Song Chorus

A simple, repeatable songwriting process to write lyrics and music for a song chorus, explained in 10 minutes!

(includes a PDF with templates and worksheets so you don’t have to take notes).

  1. Enter your first name and email address
  2. Watch a 10 minute video 
  3. Get started writing just minutes from now…


Deliberate Songwriting:
Write your songs on purpose
instead of faking your songwriting!

Learn a deliberate songwriting process
for free with:
How to Write a Song Chorus:
explained in <10 mintues!

There’s an old songwriting saying:

“You have to write 100 bad songs before you can write a great one.” 

because back in the old days you had to figure out songwriting on your own. 

This isn’t true any more because 

Now you can learn songwriting from a songwriting teacher instead of figuring it out on your own… 


Imagine all those songs you could be writing right now!

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It’s your choice...

You can bounce away and keep doing what isn’t working for you. 

And still feel stuck in the same place a year from now, or even worse have given up the songwriting dream,

Or you can enter your email address and start learning deliberate songwriting just minutes from now!

Deliberate Songwriting:
Write your songs on purpose
instead of faking your songwriting!

Learn a deliberate songwriting process
for free with:
How to Write a Song Chorus:
explained in <10 mintues!

Learn a deliberate songwriting process for free...

How to Write a Song Chorus,
the lyrics, melody & chords