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Are you a songwriter?

Ready to improve your songwriting process?

Do you:

Want to level up your songs?

Write more consistently?

Release songwriting blocks?

Unleash your inner songwriter?

Good… you’re on the right website!

How to Beat the “I Don’t Have Time” Excuse

I let life get in the way… after many years of performing and writing, I stopped for almost a decade.

I finally had enough “waiting for inspiration” that never came… one day I opened my sax case (my main instrument through two university degrees) and played… it felt good!

After a few false starts I hit a groove and played every day for 15 months (only missing 2 days).

Then I focused my new superpower on songwriting and started writing every day. I started tracking my progress and refined the steps in Daily Songwriting.

You can learn to:

  • Drop into the writing flow in moments

  • Always know what you’re going to work on next

  • Get excited to start writing each day


It’s normal for songwriters to have trouble writing consistently. Starting a song is easy! The challenge is getting back to it, the next day and the day after until you finish the song!

Nobody wants to struggle and “Fight-To-Write!” I will show you how to “Have-To-Write-To-Feel-Alright!” If I don’t write or make music I start getting twitchy and feel off balance….

Do you want to have more fun writing and learn to write consistently, instead of wasting time waiting for inspiration to strike or guilting yourself about not doing it?

You can build a regular songwriting habit, starting with a few minutes a day… it can fit into any busy schedule if you really want it. Good intentions aren’t enough, but if you have a plan you’re already halfway there!

I wrote down my system: Daily Songwriting!

Click below to enter your name and email address and I’ll send it straight to your inbox. Just think of all those songs you could be writing…

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