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Song Writing



Songwriter Interview: Ian Sherwood

Songwriter Interview: Ian Sherwood   Ian Sherwood spoke with me about songwriting in a phone interview. I recently met him between sets at one of his shows. Thanks for the great conversation Ian… we will definitely have to make the …

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Songwriting 7 Healthy Side Effects

Songwriting: 7 Healthy Side Effects   (There are also songwriting actions steps below them, to help you increase these effects!)   1. Joy Songwriting should be fun and bring joy to your life. It’s exciting to learn how to drop …

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Manage Self-Doubt to Write Better Songs

Manage Self-Doubt to Write Better Songs Instead of Sabotaging Yourself     Ever catch yourself saying any of these? (Yes, I have said them all!)   My song isn’t good enough My song doesn’t sound as good as I imagined …

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Solving Songwriter Overload

Solving Songwriter Overload Use the “Pizza Rule” to get it all done, without losing your mind   Ever feel like you aren’t getting anywhere… The to do list is growing and nothing ever gets crossed off it You don’t finish …

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Tuning Your Songwriting Tools

Tuning Your Songwriting Tools Tune your gear, tune your ear and tune into yourself!   I just got my favourite guitar back from the shop – new frets, new strings, strut rod adjusted, oiled, polished… and it sounds better than …

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