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Song Writing



How To Start Writing Songs

How to start writing songs! What every songwriter needs to know and be able to do… (no matter what your level of experience)   Most songwriters (like me) start writing songs only understanding part of the process. Instead of trying to …

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Songwriter Interview: Mark Lorenz

Songwriting Interview: Mark Lorenz   Mark Lorenz is a songwriter based in Airdrie, Alberta, just north of Calgary. He started singing on a dare and turned it into a songwriting and performing career, touring and writing across North America. Mark …

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Make Songwriting Easier

Make Songwriting Easier How to identify and solve the songwriting problems you create for yourself   “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” Attributed to Henry Ford   Songwriting is difficult to start with, …

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Let Your Lyrics Breathe

Let Your Lyrics Breathe   You can save your song instead of trashing it   Are you fighting with your song, wrestling with the lyrics until you’re ready give up and throw it out….   If your song has any …

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Mental Toughness for Songwriters

In 10 minutes a day you can: Stop Stage Fright, Solve Songwriting Stagnation and Perfect your Practicing   10 Minute Toughness – Book Review and Summary   10 Minute Toughness: the Mental Training Program for Winning Before the Game Begins …

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