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Unleashing Your Inner Songwriter



Why Nobody Listens

Why nobody listens to your songs and how to change it... the real reasons and how to find solutions that work.

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Song is Haiku

Song is Haiku How to Fix Stuck Songs   Have you ever had any of these problems? Can’t explain your own song in a sentence Can’t fit everything into the song Have too many verses Lyrics hard to sing, too …

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3 Bad Songwriting Habits

3 Bad Songwriting Habits: and how you break them   I’ve had and dealt with all three of these bad habits… they apply to songwriting, music and life: 1 solved 2 rocking it 3 huge gains made and still working …

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Songwriting Cross-Training

Songwriting Cross-Training: 7 Ways to Sharpen Your Songwriting Skills without Songwriting # 1 & 2 you can do lying on your couch, only # 5 & 6 involve sweating!   Like most part-time songwriters, I have spent time stressing over …

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How to Keep Your New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution Time Again Everybody makes them, almost everybody breaks them… Does it have to be this way? Of course not… here’s how it goes wrong! (You don’t have to wait for the start of a new year either, …

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