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Who do you become when you are writing?

Song writing is a journey,

not just one song,

but all of them put together….


There’s a piece of my story in each song,

the ones I’ve demoed,

the ones that were cut,

the songs that are still in the bottom drawer

and the couplets and choruses that never found the right verse….


My story is written in fragments and glimpses through my songs.

You might have heard of them… or not.

Doesn’t matter because

the songs have gotten better,

over the years…

on the way to breaking as an overnight success.


They vibrate me.

They say what I say.

I get to be who I want to be in the song


I am who I want to be while I’m writing…


I think I hear a song coming on….


Who do you become when you are writing?

How have your songs changed you?


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