Transforming Musicians into Songwriters

Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart

If you can play songs,
you can learn to write your own songs
with the musical skills you already know!

Learn a complete songwriting process with the 

Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart,

a self paced, online songwriting course…

This is what you’ve been looking for if you want to…

  • write your own original songs and be the center of attention at a campfire or a house party with everyone singing along with you.
  • write songs and post them on YouTube or FaceBook for the world to hear.
  • express your emotions and put your life in songs, share stories that you’ve created and connect with people you’ve never met before.
  • add your songs to your band’s set list at gigs to set your band apart from every cover band out there.
  • do something that nobody else can… write songs in your unique voice.

Or you can keep trying to figure it out on your own and still be stuck in your songwriting a year from now…

Even worse, you might quit trying and give up on your songwriting dream!

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You thought songwriting would be easy… 

You felt that first rush of excitement as you started to write the next greatest hit of all time… but you never made it past the first verse!

You went from: “This is going to be an awesome hit song” to “Do I even have the talent to write a song?” in under an hour!

You tried YouTube songwriting tips… they sounded great but they didn’t really work.

You tried searching through songwriting blogs, but it started to feel like the same seven songwriting tips over and over….

Then you remembered how long it took to actually learn how to play your instrument.

Now you’re wondering if it’s even worth trying to figure out songwriting…

Does that make sense? Songwriting tips that actually work

I was there. I remember that pain…

I fought through it and eventually came out the other side… but it wasn’t fast or easy!

I have a Master’s Degree in Music Composition. I could write a 15 minute work for a small orchestra…

but I couldn’t write a decent three minute pop song!

I spent months writing terrible songs that nobody will even hear before I finally finished a song I didn’t hate. It felt like an accident until I finished another good song, and then another, better one!

The Problem is:

Most songwriters create intuitively, they don’t consciously think about what they’re doing.

They write using their musical instincts.

It’s great when it works, but when your instincts fail you or you don’t feel like it, you’re stuck.

And because they aren’t consciously aware of how they do it, they can’t explain it in a way that you can follow… 

that’s why most songwriting tips are useless!

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The Solution is:

I’ve been a professional music teacher for the past 25+ years.

Once I figured out how to write my own songs I started digging deeper.

I wanted to understand exactly how to put a song together, the decisions you have to make to get from that first brilliant idea to a finished song.

So, I created an online songwriting course, with a simple, repeatable process you can follow!

The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart:

If you can play songs, you can learn to write songs

with the musical skills you already know.


  • How to Stop Staring at a Blank Page and come up with more ideas than you need for a song and how to outline your entire song in just a few minutes so you’ll know what you want to write about before you write a single line of lyrics.
  • Frustration Free Lyric Writing for the 4 types of song section and tap into a listener’s emotions to hook them with your lyrics.
  • Memorable Melody Writing so your lyrics fit your voice and people will want to sing along with you.
  • Create Killer Chord Progressions that you know will work before you even play them (even if you don’t know any music theory)
  • Writing Awesome Arrangements for your song, so you know exactly what to play on your instrument and how to sketch out instrumental ideas for a full band or audio project.
  • Create a Solid Song Structure so your song creates a journey for your audience that keeps their attention listening right to the end.
  • Finishing and Testing your Song so you know your song is the best it can be.
  • Bonus Module: Customizing the Ultimate Songwriting Method to fit your own personality and your musical strengths!

Bonus Live Songwriting Sessions… 

You get to watch over my shoulder as I write a song using the steps you’re learning. See the process in action!

When you complete the course…

You’ll know a simple repeatable songwriting process you can use for the rest of your life.

Everything is organized into 15 minute lessons so you can fit this into a busy life.

Short, focused exercises help you immediately practice what you’ve learned.

This isn’t a “watch it” course or one of those “makes you feel good, but doesn’t tell you how to actually do it” courses.

If you do all the exercises, by the end of the course, you’ll have your first song written using the Ultimate Songwriting Method!


Go from “what do I write about?” to “Check out my new song!”


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