Transforming Musicians into Songwriters

Song Starter Kit

Imagine sitting down to write a new song… 

You have a blank page, a pen and no idea what to write about. This moment strikes fear into almost every songwriter… it can be paralyzing!

  • What do I write about?
  • What if I can’t think of anything?
  • What if I get songwriter’s block?

Don’t worry you’ve got this… take a slow breath. Once you’ve studied the techniques in the Song Starter Kit, you’ll know exactly what to do!

First you set a 5 minute countdown timer on your phone and start writing possible song titles, themes and song ideas… 


Your ideas just flow as fast as you can write them…

This is stress free songwriting fun without any pressure. It’s not the struggle it used to be. Instead of arguing with yourself, you just write and write, filling a page with ideas.

As the timer runs out jolting you out of the flow, you take a minute and pick the most promising song topic.

You set the timer again and for ten minutes you let the ideas flow while you fill more pages with ideas, images, emotions, metaphors and lyric fragments.

Some are great, some are terrible… it doesn’t matter because the ideas come as fast as you can write them. You’ve got more ideas than you need, you’ll edit and toss away the weak ideas later.


In 15 minutes you’ve got three pages overflowing with ideas.

What could your song sound like? For five minutes you lean back and listen to the possibilities. 

You hear the groove from a verse in one of your favourite songs.

You hear the vocal harmonies in one of your favourite choruses.

You hear the guitar accompaniment from the verse of another favourite song that you can adapt for your chorus.

The chord progression from the bridge of another favourite was always intriguing, with a few changes it would complement the verse you heard in your mind’s ear…


20 minutes in and now you have a

mental image of the sound of the verse, the chorus and the bridge.

You take 5 more minutes and outline the entire song, what you want to say in each verse, the pre-chorus, the chorus and the bridge.

In less than 30 minutes you’ve got a title, the outline of what you want to say in each song section, the “sound” for each section and have half of the lyrics figured out.


After 30 Minutes… 

You close your notebook and stand up, tomorrow you’ll pick up where you left off, finish up the lyrics and start writing the music… everything is organized, waiting for you to continue tomorrow.


This sounds like an impossible dream: 

Unleashing songwriting ideas whenever you want, 

Adapting song ideas from your favourite songs to use in your songs, and 

Outlining an entire song in 5 minutes.

But these songwriting skills can be practiced and learned by anyone with the:


Song Starter Kit

These are all techniques you’ll learn in the Song Starter Kit, a self-paced, online songwriting course. I use them, my other students use them… because these strategies and techniques work.

  • 2 hours of video lessons
  • PDF summary of the lessons so you don’t have to take notes
  • Lifetime access, including all updates and future upgrades to the course



I’m so confident that the Song Starter Kit will work for you, that I’ll make you a bet.

If you complete the course in 2 weeks, I’ll pay you $20.

Seriously, I’ll send you $20 back… call it a 40% off sale for everyone who does the work.

You’re wondering why I would do this… I want you to enjoy songwriting instead of struggling with it. So I’m making this even easier by giving you a success incentive!

With 2 hours of video lessons and about 2 hours working through the exercises and the course quizzes to practice the techniques and strategies so they feel natural and easy…

If you set aside 4 hours over the next 14 days you can easily work through this entire course module…


So $49 to learn how to start a song

anytime, anywhere you want…

skills you can use for your entire life… 

And if you do the work to learn them, it’ll only cost you $29. I’ll send you $20 back as a reward for taking action and completing the course.


You can get started right now!

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