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Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart – Online Course

If you can play songs,

you can learn to write your own songs

with the musical skills you already have!


This course includes my best songwriting strategies, the one I use myself and have already taught to other musicians just like you. This is first time I’m offering this material in an online course, or to anyone other than my private clients…

Everything you need to know and do,  as a clear system to write songs!




If you want to be a songwriter but aren’t sure how to start.

If you have written songs that you didn’t like.

If you believe there must be a better way to write songs, but can’t figure out what it is…



Do you want learn how to:


  • Stop staring at a blank page, wondering what to write about?

  • Write solid lyrics and know how to fix you weak lyrics?

  • Write memorable and singable melodies?

  • Write a chord progression that fits your song?

  • Know when to use a bridge or a pre-chorus and how to write them?

  • Consistently write songs you are proud of?



I learned how to do all of this the hard way!

Let me make it easy for you….

I spent a long time trying to figure out how to write songs. I read a dozen songwriting books, countless blog posts and bought online songwriting courses. After devouring countless pages of information and dozens of hours of video… I was still stuck, still trying to figure it out for myself.


It’s even more embarrassing to tell you that I have a Master’s of Music in Composition… I could write a 15 minute piece for a small orchestra but I couldn’t write a decent 3 minute pop song.


There was a disconnect between all of the information and tips I read and being able to actually write decent lyrics and set them to music. Nothing really solved the “what do I do next” problem or connected all of the dots to help me finish a song that I felt was good enough to play for anyone else.


I was caught in an endless maze of dead end decisions without a clue where to go… making random choices, hoping to finish the song before I threw it out!


After months of writing terrible songs, I started to figure out a songwriting process that worked… to keep improving I talked to every songwriter I could



I noticed an alarming pattern…  


Almost every songwriter I spoke to was forced to figure out the songwriting process on their own!


As a professional music teacher (my daytime secret identity for the past 25+ years) this was a shocking surprise. Musicians learn best by studying their instrument under the guidance of a teacher. You can learn some things on your own, but you are reinventing the wheel… why not learn from someone who has already mastered it?


Why was virtually every songwriter I met a self taught songwriter? Most of them had taken music lessons, but not songwriting lessons!


That’s why there is a myth that you have to write dozens or hundreds of songs before you are really a songwriter…


Beginning songwriters waste months and years trying to master a complex craft on their own… imagine all of the terrible songs they wasted, songs that could have been shared with the world instead of hidden away… never to be heard!


This is a big problem….

So, I spent a few months tearing apart the songwriting process, figuring out all of the steps it takes to create a song. I interviewed even more songwriters and devoted more to time thinking about how I write my songs than actually writing them.



Demystifying Songwriting:

My goal was to demystify songwriting, to create a clear, repeatable songwriting process that I could teach. I wanted to boil it down to the most important things you need to develop an idea into a complete song. I focused exclusively on the key elements instead of every possibility so I help you avoid the information overload that I suffered through when I was figuring it out myself.


I started from the premise:

If you’re a musician that can already play songs, then I can teach you:

  • to develop your songwriting skills using the musical skills you already have.

  • to use the songs you already know and love as models for your own writing, so you can create similar songs in a style you already understand and enjoy.

  • a clear, repeatable songwriting process so you get consistent songwriting results.



Your solution is ready…


The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart:

if you can play songs, you can learn to write your own songs with the musical skills you already have!


Everything you need to start writing better songs distilled into three modules:

  • Stop Staring at a Blank Page: start songs that you will finish

  • Frustration Free Lyric Writing: create great lyrics without getting stuck

  • Writing Memorable Music: using the musical skills you already have



This course is a pilot… it’s a little different from most online courses.

I’m teaching it live, starting February 11th, 2018. There is one module a week and a final question and answer session on week 4 (February 11, 18, 25 and March 4) . Each live training session is recorded so you can watch them again or if in case you can’t catch them live.


Instead of watching pre-recorded video training, you can interact with me live, ask questions as we move through the material and during a question and answer section at the end of each lesson. You can also ask questions by email while you work on your assignments between lessons (expect about an hour of homework during the week between lessons).


After the course is completed, I will also join you on a personal Skype call, get your feedback on your experience in the course and then spend 30 minutes talking with you about your songwriting and your next steps.


I’m capping enrollment at 20 students so I can give you additional personal support during the course.


After the pilot is completed, I will re-shoot and release an upgraded version of the course, incorporating all of the improvements identified by you and the other students.


You will get full access to Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart version 2.0 and any subsequent versions or additional bonuses as a thank you for your feedback to help improve the course!


I am only accepting students through an interview to make sure that this course is a good fit for you and to answer all of your questions before you sign up.



Enrollment in this course is closed.

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